A Track Record of Success

Shelton Associates, alongside its group of affiliated companies, leverages decades of process engineering and equipment design experience when it comes to supplying conventional physical-chemical treatment and advanced membrane separation systems.


Rooted in Partnership

We take pride in our integrity; the practicality of our engineering designs, and the long-term professional relationships that we build with our clients and vendors.

Coast-to-Coast Presence

Shelton Associates’ group of companies has engineering, fabrication and technical service centers in Escondido, California, Clayton, Ohio and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Strategic Approach to Client Engagements


Custom Optimization

We seek to partner with our valued clients to pinpoint the optimal solution to address their unique challenges. We also custom engineer systems to meet site- and customer-specific requirements, such as tight space restrictions.


Objective Listening

We are committed to building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We do this by ensuring that project needs determine the solution we offer; rather than limiting our offering to products and technologies that we have sold in the past. Our established relationships with myriad top-tier companies ensures our customers receive the right solution, as we are not constrained by specific technologies or chemistry.

Solid Relationships with Top-Tier Manufacturers

We have nurtured relationships with all the major membrane suppliers which allows us to offer a broad range of advanced membrane technologies and products.

The Total Solution

We can work with clients across every phase of a project, from conception to system commissioning. We pride ourselves on providing complete systems, not just system components or partial solutions. Whether the system requires conventional chemical treatment, clarification, biological treatment, ion exchange or advanced membrane filtration—we can provide the total solution.

Successful Installations

Million Gallons of Water Processed & Recovered Per Day

Pilot Test Units

Square Feet of Facility Space

Full-Service Support

We provide a full range of equipment and services, from benchtop testing and small-scale pilot studies, to full-scale industrial plants. The Company also has a fully-functioning in-house analytical lab. And we offer after-sales support and extended service contracts.