Cruise Ships

Our Company’s Roots Stem from the Marine World

Shelton Associates’ experience in the marine market dates back to the Company’s inception several decades ago. James “Pete” Shelton founded the Company, Shelton Associates, in 1992 following a multi-year career in the cruise and naval industry. Over the decades that followed, Shelton Associates has provided services to every major cruise line operator across the globe. Today, the commercial maritime industry is in a constant state of change. Tanker designs are continually evolving, along with containerships and cruise ships which resemble floating cities more and more by the day—as they are built to accommodate and entertain increasing numbers of passengers. Hence the treatment and recycling of water becomes increasingly critical to ensure operational efficiencies are maximized and environmental standards adhered to.

We currently provide systems, parts and on-board maintenance or engineering support in: potable water treatment, fresh water make-up, gray and black water treatment systems, ballast water treatment, pool/spa filtration, incineration systems, shredder and food waste management systems.

Committed to Cleaner Oceans

Shelton Associates provides industry-leading solutions to help clean the world’s oceans.

We provide our customers advanced technologies for processing waste and purifying wastewater. Cruise line operators can then convert all waste and wastewater into clean energy and water which meets the highest international discharge standards. Thereafter all residuals can be recovered, recycled or reused.

At the forefront of Shelton Associates’ maritime expertise is food waste management. Our extensive marine market experience enables us to effectively meet the unique waste disposal needs in this industry, and provide compliant solutions individually tailored to the specific challenges presented to us.

Replacement Parts

We also provide competitive pricing and lead times for most common spare parts and consumables, including membrane elements, cartridge filters, instrumentation, pump rebuild kits and more.

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