Separation Engineering

Custom Membrane Expertise

Founded by Charlie Hull, Separation Engineering has been designing and manufacturing membrane filtration systems since its inception in 1983.

The operation’s close proximity to the cradle of membrane development, in southern California, has afforded us unique access to the top membrane experts in the US. This expertise encompasses membrane development, manufacturing and application.

Our deep insight into membrane manufacturing enables us to design systems that emphasize the individual strengths of the membranes that we put into our systems, while minimizing their weaknesses.

When the application requires special membrane characteristics, we have the ability to modify either or both the membrane and the element construction. This is especially advantageous when the application involves high temperatures, high or low pH ranges or highly-fouling feed streams.


A Solution for Every Situation

We have designed and supplied R&D and Q/A equipment to many of the top membrane, automotive, battery, chemical and specialty steel manufacturers.

We have supplied hundreds of membrane systems (MF, UF, NF, and RO) employing tubular, hollow-fiber (capillary) and spiral modules/elements.

We have extensive experience in the supply of combination MF/UF + RO systems. The majority of these systems include concentrate recovery RO units, enabling the systems to run at high recovery.

We can perform bench-scale lab testing, on-site pilot testing, membrane cleaning studies, application feasibility studies and much more.

In addition to maintaining two in-house application labs, we maintain a fleet of over 50 field pilot units. Whether you are looking for conventional chemical-physical treatment or advanced membrane separation, we possess the know-how, experience and resources to support your needs.


We provide membrane pretreatment and post treatment equipment.


Our engineers and technicians service and troubleshoot existing membrane systems from other suppliers. And we can provide both membrane cleaning studies and membrane autopsies.


We have considerable experience in control systems and programming.


We supply advanced membrane systems for acid recovery, high purity water, water reuse, seawater desalination, BOD/COD removal, protein fractionation and much more.

Conventional Physical-Chemical Treatment

With decades of experience in industrial water and wastewater treatment, we have extensive experience with conventional physical-chemical treatment technologies such as clarifiers, multimedia filters, ion exchange equipment, neutralization systems and chemical feed equipment.

We provide clarifiers and clarifier systems from 0.1 to 5,000 GPM. We can supply and service multimedia filters, softeners, carbon filters, train and mixed bed demineralizers and more.

We can supply neutralization, chrome reduction and cyanide destruction systems.

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