Full Service Lab

Shelton Associates has an in-house analytical lab (with a dedicated lab service manager) to support customers and field representatives. We can quickly and efficiently perform extensive analytical water testing. In addition to a state-of-the-art inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), we can run in-house ion chromatography (IC) alongside a wide range of bench-scale tests.

Further, Shelton Associates can perform bench-scale membrane tests and membrane autopsies (complete with FTIR and SEM results).

Our Comprehensive Inventory of In-House Analytical Equipment Includes:

PerkinElmer® NexION ® 350 ICP-MS with Autosampler

Multiple Fume Hood Work Stations

HACH Model HQ40d Multimeter for Conductivity/ORP/pH

VWR Oven

HACH DR1300 Multiparameter Colorimeter

HACH Model 2100p Turbidity Meter

HACH Model 44600 Conductivity/TDS Meter

YSI Model CR2200 Thermal Reactor

YSI Model 910 COD Colorimeter

Barnstead/Thermolyne Furnace

Applied Membranes Model SDI-PU Direct Reading SDI Test Kit

Procam Controls Model Simple SDI Test Kit

IEC Clinical Centrifuge

Mettler Toledo MS Balance

Metrohm 861 Advanced Compact IC

Bench-Scale Applications Lab

In addition to our analytical testing equipment, we have an in-house applications lab, enabling us to test all types of membranes using small volumes of test solution. We can test MF, UF, NF and RO membranes in flat-sheet, spiral, hollow-fiber and tubular configurations. We can also test various pretreatment chemistries. Our qualitative applications lab complements our quantitative analytical lab.

Our Bench-Scale Equipment Includes:

1812 Spiral Test Apparatus (high pressure and low pressure)

Flat Cell Test Units (high pressure and low pressure)

Hollow Fiber MF/UF Test Units

Tubular Polymeric & Ceramic MF/UF/NF Test Units

Polymeric Membrane Distillation Units

Membrane Troubleshooting

In addition to supplying capital equipment and servicing existing systems, we also provide the following services:

Offsite membrane cleaning (2.5” – 8” diameter spiral elements) at our facilities

Membrane cleanings studies

Destructive membrane autopsies

Accelerated lifecycle testing of new membranes

Benchtop and field testing of membranes in new applications or changing operating conditions

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