Our Story So Far

Since the Company’s inception several decades ago, it has made a name for itself as being an industry innovator.

We are an industry innovator

Over the years, the Company has changed its ownership structure, formed new divisions and rebranded itself. And while it has grown vertically and horizontally over the years, it has remained true to its roots: a company that solves water quality’s most challenging issues. Please take a minute to review our historical timeline.

  • 1983: Separation Engineering, Inc. formed by Charles Hull
  • 1993: Shelton Associates, Inc. formed by Pete Shelton
  • 1998: Shelton Associates, Inc. water treatment division started by Mark Shelton
  • 2011: Shelton Associates, Inc. & Separation Engineering, Inc. combine ownership
  • 2018: Treatment Technologies, LLC was formed to perform site operations work
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