Other Services

Other Services

Our engineering department can undertake everything from process design through to installation design (and everything in between).

Field technicians and work crews can install equipment and provide installation supervision.

Field service representatives can also work with the customer’s contractors and trade unions to ensure our equipment is properly installed and prepared for commissioning.

The Company also has extensive experience supplying containerized equipment to reduce on-site installation time and costs.

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Systems Design & Engineering

  • Process, Mechanical & Electrical Design
  • Machine Design
  • AutoCad 3-D Modeling
  • Structural Design
  • Component Selection & Sizing
  • PLC and HMI Programming
  • Staff Chemical, Electrical, Material & Mechanical Engineering

Equipment Fabrication & Assembly

  • Two in-house fabrication, assembly and warehouse locations (California and Pennsylvania)
  • Complete machining and fabrication capabilities
  • Long-standing partnerships with ASME Code fabrication and assembly shops
  • In-house UL panel assembly and programming

We have commissioned systems around the world, including: Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.

Feasibility Studies

The Company’s engineering services also includes the provision of feasibility studies. Our team of specialists collaborate with companies to comprehensively assess the viability of future water and wastewater treatment projects. Contracted feasibility studies may involve:

Qualitative and quantitative evaluations of alternative treatment solutions

Cost benefit analyses of different treatment technologies

Assessing the potential impact of manufacturing changes on existing water and wastewater treatment assets

System optimization studies

Plant Audits

In instances where companies need to evaluate existing or past practices and installed equipment, we conduct plant audits for multiple purposes:

Identifying potential areas for water conservation and/or water reclamation

Enable companies to better understand a facility’s water usage via a vigorous water use audit

Inspection of existing equipment alongside a review of operating and maintenance procedures

Review system operating logs to evaluate the performance and condition of existing equipment

Analyze the cost benefits of potential controls and equipment upgrade projects